The Water Temple


Though The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has many diehard fans (myself included), there is one dungeon that leaves many players throwing their trident controllers at the screen. This dungeon is none other than the now-infamous Water Temple. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it (fix it), the Water Temple is notorious because of how everything plays into the changing water level. And yes, it’s difficult, especially compared to all the other dungeons.
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Rolling With Failure


The line in games between risk and frustration is very thin, so developers have to tread carefully. From the legacy of old-school games, we have the concept of ‘save points’ so that failure is real, but not entirely disastrous. Some games have a ‘hardcore mode’ where a single death means you’ll be starting over from the very beginning.

As I’ve said before, games can have two major aspects: the game itself (fun, competition, mechanics, achievements…), and the story of the game (either hand-made by developers or the emergent experience). Due to the rather… permanent nature of death, we typically write it off as a “game” aspect only. It’s usually just another realism that doesn’t add to the fun, and so we gamify it.

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