A server by any other name…

With Guild Wars 2’s new megaserver technology, and games like Star Citizen thinking about how to show only the players that are relevant or interesting to you, it’s a wonder we haven’t considered dynamically merging server types as well.

Most western MMOs release with multiple servers, designated either PvP, PvE, or RP. With megaserver or dynamic server technology, we don’t have to lock ourselves into one particular server type. Why not make it a menu setting?

Consider — if you have RP mode enabled, you would be instanced with other roleplayers. With PvP AND RP turned on, you would encounter only those who want to do both. And dealing with griefers? Well, if you get enough complaints/flags from other players while you have RP mode turned on, then you get RP mode disabled for a couple months.

It seems like a natural step for MMOs, don’t you think?


2 thoughts on “A server by any other name…

  1. I’ve seen a few complaints from the Roleplayers in GW2 since the megaserver update. It would be nice if you could choose your preferences of what kind of people you’d like to be instanced with as well.

    Flag for “I want to explore”, flag for “I want to run champion trains”… etc. as minor preferences. Blocking from ever being instanced with specific players, the opportunities are many.

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