Mysterious Artifact is my place to talk about unlocking the true potential of games to tell stories. I cater to multiple audiences (mostly gamers and researchers), and posts are be categorized accordingly. For example, a post under the “MMO Player” category assumes that you’re already versed in the acronyms and jargon of that genre. However, I still welcome questions in the comments, so don’t hesitate to ask!

A bit about me:


I am a lucky husband, software engineer, machine learning researcher, dreamer of dreams, and schemer of schemes. My special area of interest is interactive digital storytelling, particularly in a massively multiplayer setting. I love all fiction, and am perpetually on the lookout for new books to read.

The games industry is still very young (probably in its “angsty teens”). As such, games are still struggling to figure out what they want to be when they grow up. I’d like to make games more intelligent, more creative, and generally more awesome. Mostly, I’d like to solve the “Sandbox Paradox.” I plan on doing this through my research in Artificial Intelligence.

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