We will occasionally and sporadically create a Spotlight: an article reviewing a (relatively) recent advance in design and storytelling. In these articles, we’ll deconstruct how the developers used design principles to tell a great story. We’ll also outline some of the most important lessons to be learned about storytelling in the games industry.

As we post them, we’ll also include a link here:

2013, Sep. 21: [Journey]
2013, Oct. 4: [Bastion]

Enjoy, and do drop a comment! Discussion is how great ideas are born.


1 thought on “Spotlight

  1. Anyone is welcome to leave suggestions for future Spotlights. Any games which invent new ways of telling stories (even small ones) can be spotlighted. It doesn’t have to be the very first game ever to implement a particular idea, but it should be a game which does it well.

    For example, on our back burner already:
    – Guild Wars 2 (for truly popularizing public events)
    – Left 4 Dead (for using an AI “Director” to control pacing)
    – Demon’s Souls (for the ability to interact with other player’s stories)

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